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Why we compensate plastic

“Ocean plastic pollution is solved on land, not in the sea.” - CleanHub

To avoid plastic waste is part of our DNA: Our innovative and sustainable household & natural cosmetics products do completely without single-use plastics.

While we have already saved several million single-use plastic bottles with our products, we are not yet satisfied with that. In 2021, we already supported various organizations and projects that collect plastic waste out of nature. This year we are cooperating with CleanHub – together we will collect at least 60 tons of plastic waste.


Our partner

The Berlin-based NGO has set itself the task of creating a recycling system that helps reduce plastic waste. The idea is to take plastic out of the environment worldwide with local partners and companies and then sell it for recycling purposes if possible. Only the plastic that cannot be recycled at all, for example because it consists of too many different types of plastic, is sent for controlled thermal recycling.

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our cooperation

We want to make the world a cleaner place. That's why we have developed innovative products for many areas of everyday life to save on plastic waste. But even we can't do without plastic entirely. In the shower, for example, a glass bottle for our shower gel would be far too dangerous. In such cases, we resort to recycled plastic for our reusable bottles. The amount of plastic we use each year – and much more beyond that – we take out of the environment together with CleanHub. This allows us to call ourselves "plastic neutral plus". We really appreciate the fact that CleanHub's work is so transparent and traceable. Other Startups for Tomorrow, such as GOT BAG, also cooperate with the Berlin-based organization.



With CleanHub's transparent, verified tracker, you can follow our impact journey and see at any time how much plastic waste has already been collected – and where. Here you can learn how the tracker with an "anti-greenwashing guarantee" works.

Our Impact Journey



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