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Here we tell you what benefits all our products have in common - and introduce you to our innovations: the refill concept, the water hardness concept of our detergents, the plastic-free dishwasher tabs and our ingredient probiotics.

All everdrop products:

  • have exclusively reusable or recyclable packaging

  • save CO₂ emissions in transport*

  • are high performance

  • are readily biodegradable (according to OECD measurement method)

*refers to our tabs and powder products

All everdrop products are free from:

  • unnecessary chemicals

  • microplastics

  • Silicones and acrylates

  • phosphates and phosphonates

  • harmful preservatives

  • Parabens and phthalates

  • musk, lilial or other

  • critical fragrances

  • chlorine bleach

wc reiniger flasche neu

Our Refill-Concept

With our tab and powder products, you can easily make your own cleaning products and natural cosmetics at home. Simply fill our stylish, high-quality and always reusable glass, PET or rHPED bottles with water and add the tab or powder. Cleaner, washing-up liquid, hand soap or shower gel is ready! This saves one disposable plastic bottle per tab or powder sachet and no more water has to be transported across the country unnecessarily. Furthermore, the tab and powder products save up to 95% in unnecessary CO₂ emissions due to this enormously reduced transport volume.


Naked Tabs

Spülmaschinen-Tabs ohne Plastikfolie

Our dishwasher tabs come without any plastic film or wrapping, which is why we call them "naked tabs". Most dishwasher tabs on the market have a water-soluble film made of PVA (polyvinyl alcohol). Why do we do without it? For three reasons:

1) Environmental impact after use: PVA films do dissolve and are therefore not considered microplastics. They are also usually advertised as "biodegradable". This means that a substance is biodegradable in the environment within 28 days - however, this is tested under ideal conditions, which rarely exist in reality. For this reason, biodegradable ingredients should only be used if they are absolutely necessary. In addition, the amount of PVA film in wastewater is problematic: imagine a small PVA film from every German family household ending up in the wastewater every day - that would be 12 million films a day! The sheer quantity naturally makes degradation in the environment more difficult and slows it down.

2) Environmental and climate impact in production: The production of PVA film alone consumes enormous amounts of energy and resources. Therefore, everything that is not absolutely necessary should also be avoided in production.

3) We want to create awareness: With all our everdrop products, we want to show that completely unnecessary plastic is used far too often in conventional household products. Our Naked Tabs prove that dishwasher tabs also work perfectly without plastic foil!

everdrop waschmittel

our water hardness concept

You need soft water to wash your laundry. That's why detergents contain water softeners in addition to the active washing substances, the surfactants. If you have hard water at home, you have to use more detergent for more water softener - and thus unintentionally use much more surfactants than necessary.

The everdrop detergents are therefore adapted to the water hardness of the place of residence. This saves up to 50%* of unnecessary surfactants that pollute the environment with every wash load. We use plant-based and sustainably certified surfactants for our detergent. All our surfactants are biodegradable according to EU guidelines.

*Compared to the reference formulation of the Industrieverband Körperpflege und Waschmittel (IKW) for regular powder detergent for medium water hardness and medium soiling.



A very special ingredient that we use in the WC Active Tabs, WC Cleaner, Kitchen Cleaner Power Powder and Floor Cleaner is probiotics. These "good" bacteria help you clean in a natural and sustainable way. The moment they come into contact with water, the spores contained in the tab become active.

The microorganisms then settle on surfaces, break down organic deposits there and thus displace pathogenic and odour-causing bacteria in the long term. They work deep down into the drain and prevent deposits, blockages and rapid resoiling with 100 percent ingredients of natural origin.

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